Monetization Technology

HBM-Edison Proprietary Web Traffic Routing Management Platform Provides State of the Art Capabilities such as:
Monitoring, Billing, Optimization, Active Filtering, Fraud Detection, and Real-Time Analytics.
Our Platform Extract Insights and Traffic Pattern Analysis That Enhances Security and Optimizes Your Monetization Potential.


We Build a trusted, intelligent Platforms

Tailor Made

Front-End / Back-End. We Got All Your Needs Covered With Highly Customizable UI and Data Processing



Our Intelligent Algorithms Detects Traffic Patterns and Provide Proprietary Traffic Quality Scoring And Risk Managements Capabilities 

Partners Management

Custom Dashboards, Custom Billing and Data Services.

Traffic Monetization

We Can Easily Integrate with Any Monetization Platform / System and Centralize all of Your Monetization Partners from one system.


Know your traffic, Block what you don’t need.

Understand your data better with on-demand, real-time reporting with endless data point integrations.

Monitoring, filtering and analytics in real time.

Extracting insights and analysis on traffic patterns, security and monetization potential.


Optimized Traffic Monetization


Every User is Different. Every Click is an Opportunity for a Sale.

That’s the reason we chose Salesforce as the powerhouse behind our technology.

Manage traffic more effectively. Monitor pipeline more accurately.
Automate administrative tasks, and close more deals faster with the world’s most trusted sales automation software.




For Everyone

Built For Publisher, Agencies, & Advertisers

Built as a multi purpose platform, our products designed to fit any industry player. And with our new state of the art routing system we now can manage high volume traffic with 99.99% uptime​


Built to Endure

API & system integration

Alerts & Notifications


Fully Customizable

Reports & Dashboards Builder

Robust Documentation

Built In Analytics

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